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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mindthings - Life's Things + Minecraft

amazing creation in minecraft with definitely well chosen music to go with it. i strongly suggest watching it in 1080p and in full screen. its incredible. cant believe it only got 30k views.

going to play minecraft right now ..

Mindthings -
Minecraft -


  1. Pretty awesome if you know that one Day/Night cyclus lasts 20min... Didn't count but you'll ride this thing an awful long time xD

    I'd really like to begin Minecraft again but can't think of any good original ideas to realize. :/

  2. I've seen this already, but good post. And Pattn, you don't need to be super creative or anything, just play the game. First build for necessity, and eventually you'll think of something. Or browse minecraft reddit for "inspiration"

  3. I have seen some wonderful things out of Minecraft, but I just never had the patience to build them myself. Maybe eventually I'll go back and check out a guide, and make something good, but for now, I'm just not patient enough lol.

  4. Looks interesting mb I'll try the game.

  5. Nice post, thanks guy!
    Have a nice day.

  6. awesome. I've doddled a bit with minecraft but I find it gets boring very fast- you'd need some patience to make something as big as the track in the video. good post!